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October 20, 2011

GIGI, Indonesian Band with Its Own Characteristics

Drummer and Band
GIGI is a band with a personnel consisting Armand Maulana (vocalist), Dewa Budjana (guitarist), Budhi Haryono (drummer) and Thomas Ramdhan (basist). The interesting thing for me is they do not wear two guitars and did not use the keyboard. This is the formation of a band that not many in Indonesia. With the genre of pop rock music, the band gives a different feel than most bands Indonesia. In the arrangement of songs, wailing guitars and a variety of classical excerpts Budjana gives a distinctive sound and color. Besides their stage act at concerts unsightly and very interesting, especially Armand Maulana as the vocalist.  I love music and style of their band. They are one of my idol band. GIGI, Indonesian band with its own characteristics.

Drummer and Band
1998, is a proof of achievement for GIGI. The concept of music that could change due to adjustments to the new personnel, again like the original character. Move to the record company Sony Music Indonesia is the right choice. June 19, 1998, after a show in Malaysia, the album "Flashback" was thrown to the market. Unexpected results, with good cooperation between the Management and Sony Music Indonesia GIGI packed album promotion, sales levels as of the tape sells. Not only in Jakarta or in Java, on the other islands GIGI record sales became a best seller for several weeks. While the hits songs "Fly" sitting on the steps of the best songs on the radio Indonesia no less than 9 weeks, not to mention other songs like "Where You Are" and "Longing for Peace". Cassette and CD sales reached 300,000.

Drummer and Band
Other achievements in 1998 are very encouraging as the Anugerah of Music Indonesia (AMI), GIGI steal some categories such as Best Group, Best Singer, Best Song and Best Nomination Cassette Cover. While the print media GIGI selected as the best pop rock group in 1998 and the group's most shining 1998. The most encouraging for the GIGI in Indonesia economic conditions are severe at the time, the target management to achieve the 48 shows in one year was exceeded at the end of 1998.

GIGI release three albums namely For All Age (2001), The Best of  (2002), and Hail the Eighth (2003). In 2004, GIGI again haunted by the trauma of 'removable' personnel. In the cultivation of the album Original Sound Track (OST) Brownies, drummer Budhy Haryono because one thing can not actively participate in the recording studio. Because this album should be completed soon will release the film in line with the Brownies, for reference Budhy and other personnel agreements, was chosen as an additional player Hendy replace Budhy Haryono. Hendy kept on drums, GIGI continue working with the birth of five albums, the Next Chapter, Peace Love n Respect, and three religious album that Reach for Victory, and the Door of Heaven. They are my idol band, I wish they would make another album. Success for GIGI.

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GIGI ngetop di 1998an nih :D sama tahun selain tahun ini :D sukses deh untuk GIGI

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manteb tuh GIGI kalo konser sob,, lonjak2 semua,, aahhaha

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