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November 08, 2011

Jelly Tobing, Indonesia's Legendary Drummer and Sensational

In the music industry and concert in Indonesia, especially rock music, the name Jelly Tobing can be called legendary. Jelly is the drummer of many sensations. So Jelly Tobing is Indonesia's legendary drummer and sensational. Action of the drum solo on every concert into a spectacle that captivated many musicians, including me. He once hit a record playing the drums without stopping for 8 hours accompanied various bands with different streams in 1989. Then he broke his own record by 10 hours of nonstop playing drums in 1991 at the Menteng Stadium, Jakarta. Utje Anwar, his wife, faithfully accompanied the two event. This woman is the last port of romance Jelly Tobing mating several times through a divorce.

In the stage show at the Gelora 10 November Stadium, Surabaya, East Java, Jelly exposed electrical strom and critically injured his right hand. But a year later Jelly has appeared again in a variety of performances. He at least has played in 30 bands. With the band that much Jelly is not just sitting behind a set of drums, singing and playing guitar as well done. Although in the end he is more famous as the drummer. The man who was born October 20, 1950 in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia is already pioneering a musical career since 1960. It is the most popular bands Superkid with Deddy Dores and Deddy Stanzah. Then in a Bharata band with  Abadi Soesman and Tato's Brothers.

Talk about Rock Drummer in Indonesia there are only two, that Teddy Sujaya, former drummer for the Bentoel and Godbless bands, and the second is the Jelly Tobing ! Moreover, among the dozens who claim the band's drummer rock, no one can really match the two senior drummers.

According to Jelly, it takes a long time to establish a name to''something'' in a field. All it takes to survive in the music industry not only skill, but also flexibility in maneuvering the industry itself, he said further. The task is not just grab someone and stick his name, but also foster and maintain it to keep it sweet, even in old age.

Jelly also managed to reduce the talent to play his drums to his son Ikmal Tobing which is now famous in the world of Indonesian music, he plays with Akhmad Dani in The Rock band. Jelly told about her son, when Ikmal intention of becoming a drummer, he's just a message to Ikmal, you must master the three songs that rock Rock and Roll-Led Zeppelin, Highway Star-Deep Purple and Tom Sawyer-Rush. Thanksgiving after that Ikmal see people as a great drummer. Jelly provides a good example of regeneration of a senior Indonesian musician. Salute to uncle Jelly Tobing. You are a drummer from Indonesia who became my idol !!

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I didn't know this drummer, he sounds amazing!

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