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October 10, 2011

My band, the team that is always changing

Drummer and Band
I like Rock and Roll, Blues and Hard Rock, I was very influenced by the rhythm of the music, this is my music genres. (This is my link to see videos of my favorite live music). There is a certain satisfaction to play drums in this genre. Because of that I can play drums until now, never bored. During the school at a university in Yogyakarta, Central Java, I had a band with a fixed formation, of course with rock and roll genre. We learned a lot about how to maintain the integrity of the band and learn to communicate with many people in the crowd in front of the stage at the concert. This lesson is very good. But after graduation, we were separated because of work on private companies in other cities.

Although work remains as an employee in Jakarta, I am still playing the band. My friend gave me a job as a drummer to replace those players who happen to not be ready. I often find work in bands with different formations. So My Band is a Team That Is Always Changing.

I do not have a solid band because it is always changing with a new team. but I maintain this way because I need the money. With the free position, it gives way for me to get extra income more frequently.

I take lessons, I know many musicians of different characters, I got a lot of new science on song arrangements and improvisation, and I add new friends and communities. I hope to provide ideas or new shades as well for them. Perhaps the deeper part is that we would give each other.

Too bad I only keep a little photo documentation. This photo is when I am playing at the Bellagio hotel in central Jakarta in 2010 in the New Year's Eve event. This is the link to see pictures of my other live music. Thank you for you who have read this.

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Music is ♥ Continue playing and inspiring many people with your talent! :)

Berkunjung Sob... Saya follower #95...(Yoyok)

semoga band agan sukses dan cepat terkenal gan ^_^

Hi its nice to meet you!
thanks for your lovely comment.
Following you :)

thanks for your comment ;]
greets from Poland!

How wonderful for you to do what you enjoy in music.

Blessings & Aloha!
Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your comment.

Hi nice to meet you.Thank you for your comment.

thanks for yur response. to earn income, I received an offer to play in bands that are in need of a drummer for musical concerts. so I often play in different band formations.

Thank you for visiting my blog ;DDDD have a nice day

yah masa selalu berubah seperti itu sih sob? udah dipasang di sidebar footer. mohon kepastiannya untuk mencantumkan di tempat yang sama :)

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