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October 16, 2011

Experience a Fun Concert in Score, Ciwalk, Bandung

Drummer and Band
It took three hours to drive from Jakarta to Bandung (West Java, Indonesia), then go to the area's famous fashion sales Ciampelas before it turns into Ciwalk area, and entry to the Score building, live music venues that we were headed for a concert on October 7, 2011 that have been passed. This building has a maximum capacity of two hundred people, a broad band stage and sound system with great power. Then the support of good lighting make this a good music concert venue. This is an Experience a fun Concert in Score, Ciwalk, Bandung.

Drummer and Band
Drummer and BandI'm with the band with the formation of yet another, I am still in the drum chair, Abu as a vocalist, Kiki and Iwan on guitar, Jahri on bass, and Boy on the keyboard. We play with the genre of rock and roll. We played 15 songs of rock legends. Welcome and applause the audience very well, many of the audience danced and sang with us. It's a very pleasant thing.

Drummer and Band
Drummer and BandThis formation is doing a good preparation and practice before. We played with up to a good cooperation on the stage. Especially the bass player, I feel safe playing the drums and feel satisfied at the appearance of it. In the evaluation after the play, my friends are also satisfied. Successful appearance in Bandung. It certainly adds to our experience in the world of concert music.

Drummer and Band
I would like to thank the public Bandung music lovers rock and roll, to Denors and Bryan Rock band from Bandung, also to musician friends who came specially from Jakarta to watch us and contribute a few songs, they were Ronald, Pache, Ferdi. Then of course to Reza as host, Selvy,  and Tanti as the event organizer. Thanks also to my friend Blue's Shelter Jr., who came from Garut with his friends to watch a music concert and share the photos above.

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sobat ne terus berposting...mantap sob...

you have such a great blog! thanks so much for checking out my blog :)

Looks like the band enjoyed the gig! :)

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mampir disini gan,, gak ngerti bahasanya ,, ane nyimak aja dah.. hehehe,, :D

untung bisa di translate pake tool disebelah ini →
wah keren banget agan tampil di bandung :D mantep ommm

This is definitely a great experience. Good luck for the next concerts.

thanks for checking my blog! really love your site and good luck for the future :)

Thanks for the visit and Happy Sunday my friend. Your pics are so vivid.

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