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September 15, 2011

My Private Drum Course

Drummer and Band
Welcome to My Private Drum Course.
Music greeting to you all.
I provide a service to learn drums in private, I will come to the home of the student or to a music studio. This course is for all ages (minimum age eight or nine years).
It's a drum lesson very easy to apply, including for beginners who have never touched a drum instrument.
General program: meeting one time per week @ 1 hour
Special programs: at least two times per week @ 1 hour, this program suitable for students who want to be able to play drums faster and also playing band.
Time courses: evening, night or holiday.
I give priority to students living in the area Cibubur, Cimanggis, Depok (Jakarta, Indonesia).
If you are interested please contact me: mobile 62 21 91472179 (021 91472179).
Want to learn drums? Start from today!

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izin baca2 artikel sob,, sekalian ngetes bahasa inggrisku yg masih belepotan ini,, ahahhaha,, salam kenal sobat,, sukses slalu

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