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September 10, 2011

About Me and My Music Background

Drummer and Band
I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am someone who likes the music world. Playing music is my hobby since childhood. Alternated in holding the instrument does not mean I'm greedy, but it happened I've had a full band tool and I tried all .. maybe it's the process of finding the most suitable instrument with my soul. First hold the guitar, switching to Keyboard. Less satisfied and then moved again holding drum, until I finally chose a musical instrument drum, where the people of Indonesia said the tool was as 'England Bedug'.

After I was able to play a musical band, I formed a band and played for an amateur event in schools. Then developed in the world of professional live music in Indonesia. To stream the music I chose Pop Rock and Rock n Roll. Band playing from the big money events, rather large, smaller, until jaming event with musicians, or just a project 'thank-you' .. This is the part that is firmly attached to the story that I experienced in live band.

It's a little bit about me and my musical background. At this site to be honest I want to do promotion drum course I do. Also of course the band. But most of all .. I want to share with you about the drummer, the band and the music world. I am still far from perfect and still want to learn a lot. Perhaps you are an inspiration for me. Musical Greetings, Be A Great Drummer and Band Players.

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I Loved ur blog and i m music addicted

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